HKtraining PROGRAM


We Specialize in Obstacle Course Race (OCR) training.

Specializing in Obstacle Course Race (OCR) training, the HKtraining Program incorporates many aspects of training and cross-training of different types of activities and use of equipment. We tailor our program to better prepare you for your next OCR event.

Our classes specialize in strength and conditioning giving all athletes the opportunity to improve and be challenged together with the HKP team.

Our HKtraining program includes:

  • high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with functional movements

  • mobility, flexibility and recovery

  • trail and road running plus hikes

  • military training including sandbag workouts, unique equipment (NOT found at your gym)

  • exercises that replicate some of the obstacles you would encounter at an obstacle course race.

We welcome all athletes of any level from any sport. In the OCR community, you need to be a well-rounded, well-equipped and well-trained athlete to tackle on these challenging obstacle courses. With the HKtraining Program, we will better prepare you for these races. 

Currently hosting classes in Orange County, CA.

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