Barnaby's Challenge-Epic Series Prep hosted by Rut Camp Long Beach

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07.15.18 - Rut Camp Long Beach hosted the Barnaby's Challenge to prep for Epic Series Huntington Beach. If you do not know, Epic Series is a hybrid between strongman and OCR with a mix of Crossfit. For the challenge, here is what they had in store:

1. Truck Pull (90-second time cap with 2:30 time penalty if 90 seconds exceeded)

2. Clean & Press - 10x (Men: 95 lbs / Women: 65 lbs)

3. Deadlift - 10x (Men: 225 lbs / Women: 135 lbs)

4. Atlas Up & Over - 5x (Men: 95 lbs / Women: 65lbs)

5. Tire Flip - 10x (Men: Approx 185 lbs / Women: Approx 100 lbs)

6. Farmer Carry - There/Back (Men: Approx 95 lbs each hand / Women: Approx 65 lbs each hand)

7. Kettlebell Step-Ups - 10x (Men: Approx 65 lbs per hand / Women: Approx 45 lbs per hand)

8. Atlas Stone Shrugs - 10x (Men: 95 lbs / Women: 65 lbs)

9. Sandbag Lunge Walks - There/Back (Men: Approx 95 lbs / Women: Approx 65 lbs)

10. Keg Run - There/Back (Men: Approx 95 lbs / Women: Approx 65 lbs)

11. Sprint to Finish!

**+5 Burpees in between each station**

HKelite, Georgis Tzortzakis, went ahead and stepped out of his comfort zone to compete. Georgis came and conquered the course by taking the GOLD. Chris Hoang, this year's HARDKOUR Giveaway winner, was also there to compete and take photos of the event.

(If anyone need their cars towed, you can call Georgis and Chris.)

A little over a month until Epic Series Huntington Beach! We will see you there!

The HKP Team