Cereal Killers Event

Last Saturday, several of Hardkour Performance’s team members joined Coach Nukes for the Cereal Killers event hosted by Goodr Sunglasses out in Playa Del Rey. It was a day full of laughter and sunshine that began with a HK work out on the beach. Shortly after, the “cereal mile” began. With several members of the Goodr team dressed in amusing costumes, the race had participants pumping up inflatable flamingos, searching for trinkets in a baby pool of soggy Lucky Charms, downing cups of milk and bowls of Fruit Loops and running up and down the beach in an attempt to keep all of ones’ stomach contents where it belonged.

HK athlete Mikey C. was the only one brave enough to test his milk and cereal capacity and brought home first place in the second wave of racers! Needless to say, it was a fun morning spent with wonderful company. We would like to thank Goodr Sunglasses for your very generous sponsorship of Hardkour Performance! You take care of our athletes so well!

Stay Joyful!


Written and photographed by: Annaliese Allen