Anaheim Spartan Stadium

The best way to leave a race on home turf is with the words “Veni, Vidi, Vici” resounding in the ears of onlookers. Hardkour Performance certainly made some noise at this year’s Anaheim Spartan Stadium for not only did HK have 13 top 10 finishers in various age groups but 6 of our athletes walked out of the stadium with a little extra bling around their necks. A well-earned shout out goes out to first place finishers Bryan (18-24 male) and Sarah (35-39 female), second place to Georgis (30-34 male) and Christina (35-39 female), and to the bronze buddies Maldonado (18-24 male) and Annaliese (25-29 female). A big Congrats also goes out to Bryan, Maldonado and Johnson for qualifying for Spartan Championships! What a way to kick start the second half of this year’s OCR season. Well done team!  

Now it’s almost time for the long awaited Spartan North America Championships. In just shy of 2 weeks Hardkour athletes will be off to West Virginia in an attempt to make top 40 in the respective age groups to qualify for the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe. Of those who qualified for WV we will be seeing HK Elites: Annaliese, The Greek Stallion, Meaty Man Johnson, Coach Nukes, the resident “Mountain Goat” John B., two of our east coast beasts Tyler and Rebekkah and our Utah athlete Sarah R.

HKP Team


Written By: Annaliese Allen

Photos: Tony Maher and Official Spartan Race Photos

Annaliese Allen