Hardkour rOC-Race

Sunday June 28th was a big day for the Hardkour Performance team. Justin Nucum, coach and owner of HK, brought to SoCal a hybrid OCR (Obstacle Course Race) event hosted at Rocreation, a local Climbing gym in Costa Mesa. As hoped for the rOC-Race was a smashing success! Racers were welcomed with balloon designs from A Pop of Paul and vendor booths of the Climbing Clinic, Vital Proteins, Fit Brew, Cryospot and Hk Nutrition. 

The race started with a ½ mile street side run returning racers to the gauntlet, located in the gym parking lot. There racers completed 15 reps of each listed exercise namely burpees, lateral hops, overhead plate lunges, goblet squats, sand bag toss, and dumbbell push presses. Once completing the gauntlet and clearing a 6 foot wall provided by our friends at Epic Series, athletes continued on inside for the climbing portion of the course. After 3 “laps” of running, a variety of caries provided by Grit OCR, the gauntlet, and grip intensive climbing, racers crossed the finish line tired from the collective 3 miles and intense obstacles. 

The Top 3 male and female finishers from the competitive waves each walked away with a gift certificate from 2XU, a limited edition HK hoodie, a case of C4, and a shirt from Social Hour Run Club. Let's be honest, in the world of OCR racing that's a pretty sweet haul of awards. Post race brought racers and the HK team, all of whom did an outstanding job helping run the course, MC, DJ, and photograph the event, to celebrate their great accomplishment at the local brewery The Brewing Reserve of California to enjoy a well earned beer. 

We couldn't have done this without our racers and sponsors! So thank everyone who made this a true even by signing up and racing the rOC-Race! And a very big thank you to C4, 2XU, A Pop of Paul, Neuro Gum, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Social Hour Run Club, Grit OCR, Cryospot, The Climbing Clinic, HK Nutrition, Epic Series, Fit Brew, Vital Proteins, The Brewing Reserve of California, and Rocreation for your sponsorship, support, and product provision! We hope to see you all next year for round two!

HKP Team


Written by Annaliese Allen

Photos by Agne Bakchis and Annaliese Allen

Video by MDR Films