Anaheim Fit Expo 08.26.18

fit expo.png

Fit Expo was back in town so you know we had to make an appearance!

Last year was very memorable for the HKP team since it was our first time to attend the expo together as a team. It was nice to see what was trending in the health and fitness industry including new brands, companies, supplements, nutrition, equipment, athletes and especially the contests that happen! We had a blast with everything that we saw and everyone that we spoke to. We just could not miss it especially since it happens in our backyard (pretty much)!

Spartan Race does a small demo course to showcase what OCR is all about and it is great to see the feedback that it receives from the non-OCR people. Despite OCR not being as popular as Crossfit, bodybuilding or calisthenics, OCR is still making it's way into the limelight.

It is great to see familiar faces such as Cellucor, Legendary Foods, NUI and meet new ones at the Expo. It is also great to see our supporters representing us at the expo as they competed in their sport:

Charlie Rasoul - Men's Physique

Mish Dominguez - Men's Physique

Mari Bautista - Women's Physique

Latrice Spence - Calisthenics, OCR, Best Arms

Until next time!

- The HKP Team