Grit OCR 2019 Recap - 02.16.19

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The time has finally come for..the 2nd Grit OCR!

(Easily one of our favorite events in the industry)

Last year, this was one of our very first events to attend, sponsor, and race in. With us still being a new company, we also wanted to work with the up and coming OCR events. We took the chance and donated a large amount of sandbags to sponsor some of the obstacles used in the race! This was easily defined as one of our breakthrough moments to realizing this is who we are and what we are all about.

This year, we wanted to come back, defend our title and definitely make a statement at the event. We setup our booth as well as had a decent number of racers from our team competing. By the end of the day, our race team took 1st and 2nd in Men’s and 3rd in Women’s. Extremely ecstatic to see the rest of the team’s results that day despite the unfortunate weather conditions being so wet, cold and slippery on the course.

After all the racers have competed, it was a great time to just catch up and hang with familiar faces from last year and meeting new attendees and vendors that sponsored event this year.

Until next time!

Much Love,

The HKP Team

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