Ripple by Lululemon 09.16

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Lululemon hosted a private event for local business owners, entrepreneurs and influential men in the community in the northern Orange County area. Donovan from Social Hour Run Club (who is now Lululemon’s brand ambassador) runs the weekly Wednesday night runs at the Lululemon store at Irvine Spectrum which the HKP team joins in to get some mileage. Justin, owner of HK, had the pleasure to be part of this selective group since it was limited to 20 individuals who either had to be invited or know someone part of Lululemon.

The event was something new and has not been done before. The only information that was given to the group was to block off the day for about 6-7 hours, be ready to work out and not worry about anything else.

Here’s what the day entailed:

The group first met up at the Lululemon store at Fashion Island. Everyone that was invited was blessed with a backpack with their name on it with a full outfit. Whatever clothes you came in with went inside the backpack and whatever was in the backpack, you put on. All 20 of the guys had matching outfits!

From there, we walked to the parking garage where we are met by Tesla Motor associates with 5 Tesla Model X’s for us to drive to the next destination! Before we even drove anywhere, we had to do a photo shoot.

The next destination was the Newport Back Bay where we got to play in the sand for majority of the day with multiple workouts including HIIT/boot camp style training and outrigging. In between workouts, we had refreshments catered by Golden Road Brewery, snacks and other small bites to keep us going.

Once we finished racing each other on the water for a couple of miles, we got back to land and had a meditation session where we got to learn how to destress, unwind, and live in the moment since all 20 of us are always in the mindset of going 100% all the time throughout the day that sometimes we just forget to take a break and relax.

After meditation and feeling relaxed, we had a meal with everyone that was a part of the event including the photographer, event organizers and of course, the 20 individuals that we got to know throughout the day.

It is opportunities like these where you appreciate your network and how far you have grown as an individual and as a business. You learn from other individuals who have impacted their community in a positive way and has been noticed for their hard work and determination.

Huge shoutout and thank you to Donovan from Social Hour Run Club for this opportunity and Lululemon for hosting such an incredible event with an amazing group of individuals to share the day with.

To more successful events like these.

- Justin and the HKP Team