Brutal Beast at Tejon Ranch 10.20.18

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Tejon Ranch (Lebec, CA) hosted Spartan Race for the very time and needless to say, it was a brutal course.

13 miles of steep rolling hills with 33 obstacles to add to the mix. We were cramping left and right throughout the course. Our team was blind sided by the terrain and were left cramping by miles 8 and 9; but managed to finish the race. Despite not finishing where we wanted to, no one gave up and no one got hurt (That is definitely a plus in our book).

We now have this race under our belt and have learned a lot about what to improve on for the next Beast and future races as we prep for Spartan Super in Laughlin next month.

We were happy to see some familiar faces in the OCR community participating at this race and Spartan definitely challenged everyone with this course.

Our team can’t wait to tackle this course again next year!

- The HKP Team

Official Spartan Photos